Breakfast/Lunch (Dementia Project)

The clients’ day starts with breakfast being offered to them when they arrive. This consists of tea/coffee, cereal, porridge, toast with: bananas, sugar free jam/marmalade or cheese. At 11.45am clients are offered freshly prepared fruit or a fruit smoothie.

Lunch generally begins around 1.15pm and consists of three courses delicious soup, main course and a dessert. The clients are encouraged to choose what type of meal they prefer and this is served with water, juice or milk. Thereafter tea/coffee and biscuits are served.


 All special diets can be catered for and staff will ensure that our clients who have special needs are treated discreetly and never hurried in a relax environment to ensure they enjoy their breakfast and lunch.

The meals are served on freshly laundered table cloths and the table is laid attractively with flowers and glasses. To avoid any embarrassment the cutlery is served with each course as many clients find difficulty distinguishing between the utensils. Client’s food and fluid intake are monitored and recorded every day they come to the centre.

Our staff also keep a record of our service users’s  weight as this can often be an indicator of any underlying problem. We weigh all clients once a month or when considered necessary.

Any concerns for a client who is not eating or drinking a sufficient amount or their weight is falling/gaining steadily will be discussed with the person themselves and the named Carer.

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